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Krishna: My name is Krishna. I came to hairline with the complaints of hair loss since last 1year and thinning of hair over the vertex and widening of central parting. I had visited various clinics and taken treatment in the form of tablets, serum and laser comb treatments but to my utter dismay I dint find any improvement and my hair fall worsened.

That is the time I saw an advertisement in the paper about hairline. I visited hairline clinic and the doctor first consulted me and did a thorough scalp analysis and explained to me what my problem was and discussed with me about PRP (platelet rich plasma). They advised me to take PRP treatments for 6 months that is monthly once. Before the treatments I was asked to undergo various tests like cbc, serum ferritin, vit b12 ,vit d3 and thyroid function tests.

I found them very systematic in their approach, hence I decided to go for PRP treatment as advised by the doctor. I started the treatment in the month of April and today I completed my 3 rd session and I could find a visible improvement in 3 months, that is my hair fall had totally stopped and I noticed my hair density has also increased and I could see new hair growth. Before the treatment I was counseled properly and pre and post pictures were taken each time. I felt very comfortable with the doctors there who were treating me and I m happy with treatment. The staff was also very cooperative.

I hence recommend any person with hair loss to consult hairline clinic in Bangalore

Samuel: I am an engineering student residing at K.R.Puram. Due to the water change I was having hairloss during my initial days of college. After sometime my hair loss reduced but my hairs started to thin out. That’s when my friend suggested me to visit Trichologist at Hairline Clinic. I met the doctor and I was suggested for the PRP treatment as I wanted regrowth of my hair. I was made to understand the procedure and medications were also given. After 3 sessions I found regrowth of my hair and hair fall also stopped.

Meera: My name is Meera and I started loosing my hair after shifting my house where only bore-well water was available. I was tensed as along with my hairfall I found my scald was more visible. After a friend recommendation I went to Hairline Clinic for a consultation and found that the advanced PRP procedure can actually regrow my hair. I took around 5 sessions of PRP treatment and found good results.

Vinod: I am 28 years old and had sever hair fall. I had read a lot about PRP Platelet Rich Plasma is a very good treatment for hair fall. After surfing on net for a while I found Hairline International Clinic in Bangalore and I went on for a hair check up. To my surprise I had more baldness than I thought. My crown area of scalp was thinning. Dr. Dinesh suggested me for PRP for hair loss and on doctors advise I went ahead with it. After 3 months and 3 sessions I found Good results.
Dr. Dinesh is the best doctor for PRP treatment in Bangalore

Mercy: My name is Mercy, I was experiencing hair fall since the past 1 year and I was applying some home made remedies since 2 months But I noticed my hair fall worsened and I was developing a pattered baldness with widering of central parting.

My neighbor who had taken treatment from Hairline Clinic & got excellent results advised me to consult them once. I consulted the doctor at Hairline Clinic, they did a detailed scalp analysis and told me to undergo PRP Treatment. I started my PRP sessions, by the 4th sessions I noticed my density had increased and my hair fall had totally stopped.


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