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Hair loss or Alopecia in elderly both males and females may not be a serious condition to worry about. Quality and distribution of hair changes in individuals with age. Some other factors can affect hair loss dramatically like illness medications , health conditions such as diabetes, thyroid imbalances etc. If you are noticing significant hair loss proper diagnosis & treatment is needed.

Health Issues Associated with Alopecia or Hair Loss in Elderly
Hair loss or Baldness in elderly may also have a straight connection to a illness or other medical health conditions. In addition to that medications used to treat few diseases can trigger hair loss in aged people.

Iron Deficiency:
In several cases studies proved that, individuals who are facing significant hair fall may be iron deficient. Iron deficiency may be caused by poor nutrition or other medical health conditions. In fact, studies found that balanced iron deficiency in both men and women improves hair regrowth rate.

Hair loss happens rapidly in Hypothyroid cases. Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid hormone is not regulated. It may cause autoimmune disorders. In some people leads to considerable hair thinning but in some cases chunks of hair fall. Since hypothyroidism slows metabolism, causes slow hair growth. However in many cases also seen the hair loss usually stops when thyroid illness is controlled with medication.
Doctors observed hair loss in some cases due to diabetes. Those with Type 2 diabetes may have hormonal imbalances, which can lead to hair loss. When new hair grow in that place, it grows very slowly. Management of diabetes is needed to improve hair loss.

Poor Diet
Nutrition is key for hair and skin health. In some cases poor nutrition cause hair loss especially in elderly. A poor diet that is deficient in nutrition causes hair shafts to weaken. This leads to breakage of hair and slow growth. Nutrients needed for hair growth includes
Vitamin A
B Vitamin [ B6 and B12 ]
Vitamin C


Medications Triggers Hair Loss
Aged people become much more susceptible to several diseases. Medications used to treat these diseases can lead to hair loss.
Blood Thinners, Medications used to treat various heart conditions can lead to hair loss.
Gout medications can cause hair loss.
Chemotherapy Medications cause drastic hair loss
Some other medication which triggers hair loss are antidepressants and higher doses of A vitamin.
Hair loss in elderly men and women may occur because of a combination of these situations. Early diagnosis and management is required.








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