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Lipoma excision surgery | Lipoma removal treatment in Bangalore


Lipoma Excisions /Lipoma Removal:

Lipoma removal surgery is performed to remove a lipoma. A lipoma is a benign (non-cancer) tumor forms with fat tissue. Lipomas are harmless, fatty tumors that can form under the skin. They are usually painless and do not require treatment. However, a doctor can surgically remove a lipoma if it is causing pain or other symptoms, or if the person wants to get rid of it for cosmetic reasons. Most lipomas are best left alone, but rapidly growing or painful lipomas can be treated with a variety of procedures ranging from steroid injections to excision of the tumor.



No treatment is usually necessary for a lipoma. Until the lipoma bothers you, is painful or is growing, your doctor might recommend that it be removed. 

Lipoma treatments include:

· Surgical removal includes most lipomas are removed surgically by cutting them out. Recurrences after removal are uncommon. A technique known as minimal excision extraction may result in less scarring.

· Liposuction. This treatment removes the fatty lump by using a needle and a large syringe.


How will be lipoma removal performed:

You will be given local anesthesia in the surgery area. With local anesthesia, you may still feel pushing or pressure, but you will not feel any pain. General anesthesia will be given if your lipoma is large or deep. General anesthesia will keep you asleep and free from pain during surgery. Your healthcare provider will make an incision in your skin and remove the lipoma. The removed lipoma may be sent to a lab and tested for cancer. Your provider may use medical glue or stitches to close your skin. A pressure bandage will be placed over your incision to prevent bleeding.