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Patent applied for Hair multiplication using Autologous Stem cells and Extracellular Matrix

(Assigned patent application number 268/CHE/2013)

Hair loss earlier thought to be a sign of aging is now affecting younger individuals. In addition to medical management, surgery is an option for majority of patient. However, not all opt for surgery due to fear of scar formation or poor donor area.

One of the break-through in hair treatments is hair multiplication. In this procedure, hair is plucked and transplanted to the bald area. The advantage of this procedure is that it is easy, non-invasive provides unlimited supply of hairs and the donor plucked hair re-grows.

This process however has some limitations i.e. plucking of hair may result in a hair with insufficient germinative cells to induce the formation of new follicle. This is because the stem cells around the bulge region which are most important for new follicle formation may not be adequately harvested while plucking. Hence, we propose a technique that would not just provide more stem cells for follicle formation but also would help in hair implantation, re-growth and wound healing.

Our process involves the following steps:

  • Hair is plucked from the donor area
  • Plucked hair is dipped in autologous adipose derived stem cells obtained by mini-liposuction (this
  • would provide additional stem cells for follicle formation)
  • Plucked and dipped hair is implanted into the recipient bald area
  • Once implantation is complete, ECM is injected into the recipient area

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