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Hair loss treatment in Mumbai | Hair fall treatment in Mumbai

In everybody’s life hair loss/ hair fall is a very common issue. In general per day every one used to lose 50 to 150 hairs. This is because at the end of growth cycle hair will be in shedding position, later because of our routine activities hair fall happens.

People who are in the early stages of hair loss never bother to take treatment. Everybody need to change their perspective towards hair loss. Men/women should be proactive towards hair loss treatment in early stages of hair loss before becoming your hair fall more badly, later it influences to lose your body hair. People are try to cover the bald scalp with different hair styles.

Male pattern baldness is the cause for hair loss in men. Inheritance is the most common trait for the hair loss in men. Men’s who started losing hair at their early age tend to get extensive baldness. The type hair loss in women known as female pattern baldness.

Many people are not much aware nature of hair. Different types of hair with different life cycles. There are three stages in hairs life cycles. Growing stage, intermediate stage and finally shedding or resting stage. At hairline international hair clinic offers all types of hair loss/ hair fall treatments in Mumbai depends on the hair loss stage and its condition.


What are the types of hair loss in men and women?

The most common types of hair loss are

  • Male or female pattern baldness: This is most common cause of hair loss in men and women. Which happens because of genetic condition.
  • Alopecia areata: which starts suddenly and causes patchy hair loss in men and women. This end up with complete baldness but many people with this condition get their hair back in few years.
  • Telogen effluvium: which is temporary hair thinning process. Which occurs because change in growth cycle of hair. Large number of hairs enters into the shedding stage at the same time. Causes hair loss subsequent hair thinning.
  • Anagen effluvium: this types of hair loss occurs suddenly in the growing phase. This condition may be caused because of more exposure to chemical because of treatments like chemotherapy. But the hairs can reversible within 2-3 months.                                     


What are the causes for hair loss or hair fall in men and women?

  • Heredity is the most common cause of hair loss. This condition occurs because of any one of his parent suffering with alopecia.
  • Ageing is one of the other reason where on the process of ageing hairs come into resting phase, while remaining becomes short and finer.
  • Certain medical condition and usage of steroids also causes hair fall.
  • Stress because of work load and person reasons causes hair loss



Which medical conditions and diseases cause hair loss?

Many medical conditions cause hair loss including

  • Different types of cancers
  • Anemia
  • Diseases related to auto immune
  • Thyroid diseases
  • Usage of weight loss drugs
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Treatment related to hormonal replacement
  • Immune suppressing drugs


Why Hairline international for hair loss treatment in Mumbai?

  • Hairline has rated as a leading trichology clinic by the Times of India
  • Hairline provides World class state of art facilities.
  • Hairline has in-house research center and laboratory
  • Advanced US-FDA approved procedures and equipment
  • Best and experienced team of trichologists
  • Certified and well training group of therapists
  • Customized treatments based on the individual requirement and medical history
  • We served many client with 95% customer satisfaction.


What are the available hair loss treatments in Hairline Mumbai?

Hairline international has different hair loss treatments in Mumbai. But each treatment is customized depends on the hair fall stage and its condition.

  • Medication will be guided to the client of he is facing hair loss because of any medical condition.
  • Platelet rich plasma. Which is one of the proven hair loss treatment in Mumbai. If your hair loss in medium you can go with PRP treatment, which arrests your hair fall and given a way to regrowth of new hair.
  • Rigenera active: which is latest innovation in the field of trichology. With one session of rigenera active can pause your hair loss per an year
  • Hair transplantation: hairline has best hair transplantation surgeons in Mumbai. It’s a surgical procedure where the hair will be taken from the back side of your scalp and planted in place where there is less hair growth.
  • Robotic hair transplantation: Which is the advancement in the hair transplantation. With this hair transplantation process will be weaved, can see much with this.
  • Hair fixing: hair fixing in Mumbai, hair loss latest and advanced hair system to cover your bald area. This is non-surgical procedure, can be done in 1 hour.

 How long does it takes to control Hair loss or Hair fall?

  Curability of hair loss depends on the severity of hair fall. If the hair loss in early stages we can treat them get rid of hair    loss in just 15 days. If the hair loss is from many years, treatment takes 4-5 months cure your hair loss issue.

Is there any side effects with Hair loss treatment in Mumbai?

Once after checking your past medical history and current medical status only doctor suggests you hair treatment. So there won’t be any side with hair loss treatment by hairline international.

Do you have female doctors who does prp treatment for hair loss in Mumbai?

In all the branches we have experienced female dermatologists in Bangalore. Please call us @9148874972 regarding more details.

How common is male pattern baldness in Mumbai?

Almost all the men face hair loss problems at some point of their life. Hair loss effects the different population at different rate because of genetic, seasonal, hormonal changes. In India cities like Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata 50% of people started facing male pattern hair loss by the age of 30. While remaining population will be facing hair loss by 40. Severity of hair fall will differ person to person.

How many stages of hair loss in men, Does your hair loss treatment in Mumbai based on the hair fall stage?

There are eight stages in hair loss. By end of eight stage of hair fall there won’t be any hair on your scalp. Hairline international hair clinic has the different hair fall treatments in Mumbai based on the stages of hair loss. Our Hair loss treatments in Mumbai are

PRP Treatment for Hair loss in Mumbai:

PRP Treatment is best suites for the hair loss grades 1 to 4. Precisely the process starts with a standard blood tests and then with the use of centrifuged machine plasma will be separated from the patient’s blood. Separated plasma, rich platelets is then injects directly into the patients scalp. Injection done all over the scalp and the procedure takes less than half hour. Minimal anesthesia will be given to the client so there won’t be any pain patient going to feel.

While PRP is a promising therapy to control the hair fall. A minimum of 4-8 sessions of prp treatment required to control the hair fall and regrowth your lost hair. Number of sessions prp treatment will be decided by the doctor based the stage of hair loss and reason of hair fall.

Hair transplantation in Mumbai:                                      

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure where this is quite suites to the patients who are facing 3rd to 6th grade of hair fall. Hairline is having different types of hair transplantation in Mumbai giving freedom to the clients to choose based on the stage of hair fall.

Some of the hair transplantation techniques in Mumbai are FUT, FUE, Bio FUT, Bio FUE, Combination hair transplantation, Acell matrix and robotic Hair transplantation.

Robotic hair transplantation:

Robotic hair transplant is bringing the robotic technology in hair transplantation. Where it simplifies the hair transplantation process and gives the best results. All the different hair transplantation methods suitable for the patients suffering with 3rd to 6th grade of hair fall.

Non-Surgical Hair Fixing in Mumbai:

Hair fixing is a non-surgical hair restoration technique. Where non-surgery involved in this. Non-surgical hair fixing in Mumbai suitable for the people suffering from the hair loss stage 4 to 8. This technique is cost-effective too. A wig or patch will be attached to the bald of your scalp by using glue or tape or using clips.

Hairline International offering the best hair transplant in Mumbai. Our customized hair loss treatment in Mumbai helps to control your hair fall.

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