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Mesotherapy [Both hair and skin]

Non-surgical treatments are the chosen option in this day and age for treating a wide range of conditions. Now that going under the knife is not the only option, it has become effortless for the individuals to avoid lengthy downtimes and severe side effects that are associated with surgery. One of the treatments that have lately gained a lot of attention of late is Mesotherapy. The treatment is nonsurgical in nature and only has pin pricks due to the injector being used to convey the medication to the mesoderm. Mesotherapy can be used to eliminate excessive localized fat and the tough cellulite, aid in rejuvenating skin,pigmentation and help in regaining lost hair.

Medication Used:

The medications used in the treatment differ on the basis of the condition being treated and the extent of the given condition. Generally, a conglomerate of FDA approved drugs, antioxidants, vitamins minerals bioactive substances and at times homeopathic drugs are used. These in effect perform their function and bring the preferred results in due course of time.

How Does The Treatment Work?

The medication is injected into the mesoderm for the motive of correcting the given condition. A specialized injector known as the mesogun is used for this purpose. A small amount of medicine is delivered at a given time and multiple injections are given to ensure that the area is fully covered. For individuals that are very sensitive to even the least sensation of pain, topical anesthetics can be applied to the aforementioned treatment.

Side Effects:

The treatment normally has very mild side effects which are limited to some soreness or swelling. The soreness is in-fact associated with the treatment getting to work. Use of ice packs is a superior idea since it soothes the hurting area. If any other side effect happens and persist, contact your doctor right away.

Is a single treatment session enough?

Multiple treatment sessions are needed for the purpose of correcting any condition. Noteworthy results are achieved after each session but it is always advised to take multiple sessions to achieve desired outcome.

Conditions that can be treated by Mesotherapy:

Skin Rejuvenation

Recognized as Mesolift, the treatment targets fine lines and wrinkles, along with pigmentation which are induced by too much exposure to the sun. The treatment works based on the vitamins and antioxidants which are injected into the affected areas of the skin

Body Contouring

There are few areas in the body where fat is very hard to remove. Typically chin, arms, flanks, thighs and knees are the areas where these issues occur. Mesosculpting, works by melting the fat with the help of Phosphatidylcholine. Injections are given to the exact areas where fat is present. The melted fat is excreted out of the body.

Cellulite Removal

Cellulite is lumpy fat that is mostly present on the legs, thighs and buttocks. Unlike traditional fat, cellulite cannot be removed with exercise and diet control. Approximately 90% of the women around the globe are affected by it. Mesotherapy helps in correcting the cellulite by enhancing the flow of blood to the area, bettering the lymphatic drainage and removing the  hardened connective tissue.

The bottom line

If you are looking to treat any of the above-mentioned treatments, it is perfect that you go ahead with Mesotherapy. The treatment has been found to be fairly effectual and gives great results. Ask your doctor and learn more about this new and highly effective option


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