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Best Dermatologists in Bangalore

Hairline International is one of the best dermatology and skin clinic in Bangalore for all types of Skin treatments

Dermatologists are physicians who specialize in treatment of ailments of the hair and skin, will evaluate a patient's hair problem by asking questions about diet, drugs including vitamins and health food taken in the previous months, family history of hair fall, current illness, and hair care habits. Hormonal changes may be evaluated in women by asking about menstrual cycles, pregnancies, and menopause. After probing the scalp and hair, the dermatologist may verify a few hairs under the microscope. Sometimes blood tests or a scalp biopsy may be requisite for an accurate diagnosis. It's significant to find the cause and whether or not the crisis will respond to medical treatment.

During diagnosis they also will ask what medicines you take, what allergies you have, and if you have been dieting. It is imperative to give the dermatologist accurate information. Women may be queried about their periods, pregnancies, and menopause.







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