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Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss in Bangalore

Stem cells are tiny progenitor cells found in our body that can and change (differentiate) into various cell types.

Stem cell therapy is the process of isolating adult stem cells from abdominal fat or hair follicle and reintroducing them into the scalp through intradermal injection at the site of hair thinning or baldness .

Hair follicle derived stem cells

Hair follicles are known to contain a well-characterized niche for adult stem cells.Using this newer technology , we isolated a novel population of multipotent adult stem cells from human hair follicles, and these cells appear to be located in the bulge area. Human hair follicles may provide an accessible, autologous source of adult stem cells for therapeutic application.

Another technique of preparing stem cells is by using adipose tissue.The process begins with extracting a few ounces of fat from the patient in a “mini” liposuction procedure. Once the fat is removed, the stem cells are isolated utilizing the Centrifuge. Once isolated, the stem cells are then re-introduced to the body for more localized treatments like for androgenetic alopecia.

We usually schedule stem cell therapy very monthly of 3 monthly once depending on grade of baldness .Alternating session of PRP can be combined with stem cells to improve the density of hair follicles.

This therapy is expected to work by activating already existing stem cells on the scalp. Later therapy may be able to simply signal follicle stem cells to give off chemical signals to nearby follicle cells which have shrunk during the aging process, which in turn respond to these signals by regenerating and once again making healthy hair.

It takes minimum 8 to 12 weeks to appreciate improvement.  The Stem cell therapy can be combined immediately post transplant also. Applying these cells in the area of hair transplantation increases the  amount of growth factors easing the healing process and helping hair growth and engraftment of transplanted hair. 


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