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Post Hair Transplantation Hair Cap in Bangalore

Immediately after hair transplantation surgery, it’s normal to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.
You may want to cover your head to avoid unwanted attention. But wearing Regular cap
immediately after hair transplantation surgery is not recommended. After Hair transplantation
Surgery, it takes approximately 7 to 9 days for the follicles to fully anchor to their new surface.


Until the follicles set over the scalp permanently, avoid manipulating to compressing them.
Wearing Regular cap could compress or move the follicles, gives irritation and resulting in an
unsatisfactory outcome.

Once the Hair follicles set in your scalp, you can wear Hairline’s Customized Post Hair
Transplantation Hair cap. It will help you in protecting your transplanted hair grafts from
Sunlight, Harsh winds, Pollution. Our customized hair caps comes with breathable surface, won’t
give any irritation and fits on your scalp properly. It gives you nice coverage and natural head
full of hair look, which is very comfortable to ensure that this cap do not disturb the newly
transplanted grafts. It is recommended to wear it for a Year for best result.



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