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Food and its nutrients can alter our gene expressions. But do you all know thatgenes also dictateour dietary needs?

Well, the response to same food varies from individual to individual, explains why some people can eat as much as they want and never gain weight and some people gain weight eating little quantity. This factor may be attributed to the role that Genes paly in influencing our dietary needs.

So, based on the Genetic role in our Health, science has discovered a way to learn more about our self is through GENETIC ASSESSMENT through which you can actually unlock many unanswered questions about yourself.

This genetic test includes 3 different categories -

1st category- Nutri-genetic test -In this your genes are assessed for 18 Nutrients and for each you can get specific dietary recommendations.

So how this is benefited for Health?

As your genes are unique to you, the assessed nutrients requirement will be unique to you. Your results will be analysed to determine the best Diet plansto improve your health.

So how, this diet plan is different from Regular plan?

The general, regular plan is based on the Government criteria which are same for same goal pursuing people. But Nutri-genetic Diet plan is made suiting your DNA so results of this plan will be faster and more successful.

2nd category- Fitness genetic-This test will enable to answer you-

What is best sport for you as per your DNA?

OR What kind of exercise is beneficial for you to achieve your fitness goal?

Genetic makeup determines the body’s capacity towards an exercise, and the duration and rate at which a positive outcome can be achieved. Hence, this section helps you in deciding best fitness regimen that suits you and benefits you the most!


3rd Category- Health Genomics-This part of Genetic test screens you for lifestyle-related health conditions. If you have any queries in your mind related your health like-whether you have high chances of developing diabetes or blood pressure since your parent has?

This gene test will let you know about genetic predisposition for any metabolic health conditionso accordingly one can prevent or delay the onset of disease.

An interesting fact you all need to remember is, your genes can not be changed but your lifestyle can! Modify your lifestyle in line to your genetic requirement for better tomorrow!!



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