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Regenera Activa Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is a common condition that affects millions of people – both men and women – at some point in their lives. It can cause psychological effects and dent an individual’s self-confidence thus causing a negative impact in his/her life. We know how damaging that can be and at Hairline International Clinic we have the newest and effective breakthrough treatment for the eternal fight against hair loss – Regenera Activa Hair Loss Treatment.

Regenera Activa Hair Loss Treatment is an innovative procedure in which the scalp is injected with a special suspension containing growth factors, stem cells, and progenitor cells which contain powerful regenerative properties. This leads to stimulation of hair growth, inhibition of hair loss, and thickening Hair

Who Is a Candidate for Regenera Activa Hair Loss Treatment?

Androgenic alopecia – male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss – is the most common type of hair thinning and hair loss and its primary cause is genetics. Male and female pattern hair loss affects about 70% of men and 40% of women worldwide. Regenera Activa hair loss treatment uses your own body tissue to help activate hair growth on the scalp where the hair is thinning and also improve the hair density.

The regenerative autologous treatment is suitable for individuals with early, mild, or moderate forms of androgenic alopecia.

How Regenera Activa Hair Loss Treatment Works

Regenera Activa Hair Loss Treatment uses the individual’s own tissue thus the name autologous auto-transplantation. It involves extracting the progenitor cells from the scalp where the hair is usually dense and not affected by baldness. The precious harvested cells are filtered, calibrated and mechanically processed and then re-injected in the treatment areas.

The treatment process is purely natural as only your body’s own fat cells and tissues are used to improve the skin of the scalp, stimulate the re-growth of new hair follicles, and increase the density and thickness of the existing hair. This micro-transplantation procedure is usually used in conjunction with other technologies to speed up the process and to get the best possible results. Your doctor can advise for the best time to resume your regular medicine or other procedures.

The Procedure

Regenera Activa hair loss treatment is a three-step procedure that is done in a licensed aesthetic clinic or hospital setting and it takes about 50-60 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated..

What is the Downtime of Regenera Activa Hair Loss Treatment?

The treatment has minimal downtime and most patient return to their daily activities immediately after the treatment. The sampling sites with small wounds take about a week to heal.

Results of Regenera Hair Loss Treatment

The first results can be observed within 6-7 months and can continue for up to 12 months after the procedure. The human hair cycle is a slow process and new hairs mature and thicken over several months from when they first appear.

How it is done

1. Evaluation of degree of hair loss based on classification scale. Best candidates are below or upto stage 3 for men and below or at Stage 2 for women.

2. Ensure no medical contraIndication and scalp is in healthy state.

3. Micrografts are taken from behind the ear under local anesthesia.

4. Micrografts are processed using the regeneration device to get serum containing progenitor stem cells

5. The cell enriched serum is then injected into the areas where hair loss is (no scarring will occur).

6. Procedure is over in 30 minutes. There is no need for repeat unless desired in 15 months.