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Stop worrying about your hair loss! Here is the Hairline international the best hair transplant clinic in Chennai would like to take the opportunity to the serve the hair loss problems of Chennai people. At Hairline international we offer Hair loss treatment, Hair fall treatment, PRP treatment, hair transplantation and advanced robotic hair transplantation in Chennai to the people who are suffering with hair loss. We do provide non-surgical hair services like Hair fixing, Hair weaving, hair bonding and hair wigs for both men and women.
Now hairline has emerged as the destination for the hair treatments in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Why Hairline international for hair transplantation in Chennai?

  • Hairline has rated as a leading hair transplant clinic by the Times of India
  • Hairline provides World class state of art facilities.
  • Hairline has in-house research center and laboratory
  • Advanced US-FDA approved procedures and equipment
  • Best and experienced team of trichologists
  • Certified and well training group of therapists
  • Customized treatments based on the individual requirement and medical history
  • We served many clients with 95% customer satisfaction.

What are the different hair transplant methods hairline international Chennai follows?
Here are the different type’s hair transplantation by Hairline international offers

  • FUT( Follicular Unit Transplantation
  • FUE( Follicular Unit Extraction
  • Bio FUE
  • Bio FUT
  • Bio FUE + FUT
  • Facial hair transplantation
  • Long hair transplant
  • Body hair transplant
  • Revision hair transplantation

FUT Hair Transplant in Chennai:

FUT (Follicular unit transplantation) is one of the hair transplantation method. Which is also known as strip hair transplantation in Chennai. Which is the most used method for hair transplantation in India. This procedure includes extraction of a skin strip from the donor area and from the strip hair follicles will be taken out and then transplants the hair follicles in the recipient area. FUT hair transplant suites to those wants to go for hair transplantation in Chennai with large number of grafts. Most of the doctors suggests FUT hair transplant in Chennai to reach the customer expectations. Hairline international has the best FUT transplant surgeons in Chennai to make your hair transplantation more successful. The cost of FUT hair transplant is reasonable compared to FUT and robotic hair transplant in Chennai.

FUE Hair Transplant in Chennai:

FUE and FUT are two primary methods to extract the hair follicles from the donor area. In this procedure individual hair follicles harvests from the donor area, will be transplanting in the bald area. This procedure best suites for the people who wants to have hair transplantation with less hair follicles.

  • Unlike FUT hair transplant individual hair follicles will extract from the donor area, one hair follicles will be extracted once. Whereas FUT Hair transplant a strip of skin with hair follicles will remove.
  • Unlike FUT hair transplantation there is no stitches, scars involved in the procedure.
  • Less pain involved while harvesting the hair follicles because skin won’t be separated in this procedure.
  • By using FUE hair transplant method any part of the body bearing hair can be considered as a donor area.
  • Hairline international has the best hair transplantation surgeons, advanced equipment to perform FUE hair transplant in Chennai.

What is the difference between FUE and FUT Hair transplant?

  • Primarily they differ in extraction of hair follicles from the donor are
  • In FUE hair transplant method hair follicle are individually extracted from the donor area where as in FUT method hairs will be taken from a strip which has removed from donor area.
  • FUT strip extraction method will result very narrow linear scar which takes times to cure, whereas FUE method doesn’t involve any scars.
  • Very less pain involved with FUE transplant procedure compared to FUT Hair transplant.
  • When come to pricing FUT hair transplant is an old procedure and less costlier. Whereas FUE hair transplant is advanced procedure, more costly than FUE transplant.


How long does it takes to grow my transplanted hair?

Normally it takes 4 – 8 months for transplanted hair to grow. Initially the transplanted hair will be thin and it grows gradually. After some time transplanted hair will grow like a normal hair. The complete time for the transplanted hair to grow varies from person to person based on their body response to the treatment.

How Long Does Hair transplantation procedure takes?

Time for the hair transplantation procedure completely depends on the number of hair follicles getting transplanted. If it is 1000 to 1500 grafts of hair it will take around 3-6 hours, if it is 1500 to 3000 grafts can be transplanted in 6-8 hours. If the transplanting hair more than 3000 grafts need more than a session.

Robotic hair transplantation in Chennai:        

Hairline international has come up with the advancement in the hair transplantation, Robotic hair transplantation in Chennai, where this helps in automating the follicular unit extraction (FUE) Procedure. Where the robot will carry through harvesting of hairs to hair transplantation.

What is robotic hair transplant?

Robotic hair transplantation is technologically advanced method of hair transplant to treat the baldness. Where the robotic hair transplant simplifies the process of hair transplantation and increases the success of hair transplantation.  Robotic hair transplantation is used for follicular unit extraction (FUE) method.

What are the Advantages of Robotic hair transplantation in Chennai?

  • Robotic hair transplant machine allows harvesting hair grafts at faster phase where it is impossible for surgeon to do.
  • Robotic hair transplantation results in higher survival rate in harvesting as well as hair regrowth.
  • There won’t be any scars, stiches involved with the robotic hair transplant.
  • Image guided technology in robotic hair transplant helps in maintain follicle harvesting accuracy.
  • Robotic hair transplant offers speed recovery time as compared to human done hair transplantation.

How will my hair visible after robotic hair transplant in Chennai?

After robotic hair transplant your hair is visible very naturally because it follow FUE hair transplant procedure, there won’t be any scars involved in the procedure.

What is the cost of robotic hair transplant in Chennai?

Cost of Robotic hair transplant completely depends on the number of follicles and package you are choosing. Please walk into our clinic or call us @ 9148874972 for more details.

How long does robotic hair transplantation take?

The complete robotic hair transplant procedure depends on the how many grafts having transplanted. Generally can complete the transplantation 2500 grafts in a day, sometimes it depends on the patient as well.

Why Robotic hair transplant in Chennai costlier than Manual FUE Hair transplant?

There are many advantages with the robotic hair transplant as mentioned above, to ensure all the advantages helps the patient’s, doctor need to plan and supervision the process. Equipment required for the process is also costlier. Through all the expenses and the fees it will be little expensive than the manual FUE hair transplant.

Why it is so important to get the robotic hair transplantation done by experienced surgeon?

Because it’s technologically advanced procedure where doctor need to assist the robot in a way that the procedure gives the best result along without wastage of hair follicles that is why an experienced doctor required for robotic hair transplant.

Combination Hair transplantation in Chennai:

Combination hair transplant is a combination of FUT, FUE, Hair fixing. Hairline has different combinations of hair transplant based on the customer interest, availability of donor area, number of hair follicles need to be transplanted.

  • When the client is having less donor area he can go with the FUT/FUE hair transplant and hair fixing.
  • When the client is having the good donor area then he can have the transplantation with the combination of FUE and FUT or Robotic hair transplantation.
  • Some people will be having hair loss problem in the frontal area and crown area. In this case we suggests non-surgical hair fixing in crown part and FUT/FUE/Robotic hair transplant to the frontal scalp.

Like this Hairline clinic is having combinations of hair transplant in Chennai. We having FUE, FUT, Robotic hair transplantation techniques to help for your hair re-growth.

Revision Hair transplantation in Chennai:

Revision hair transplantation can be done to the people who dissatisfied with hair transplantation done in other clinic and who wants to have transplantation for more coverage. Revision hair transplant can be done to correct the Unsuccessful or bad hair transplant.

We would likely say that we can guarantee that satisfactory results instead of simply making fake commitments of 100% guaranteed results. We are continuously improvising our procedure, techniques for providing best results to the client. We have different procedures and with different options to make your revision Hair transplant successful.

We have seen many clients improper coverage with first transplantation, improper harvesting of Donor area. So before doing the procedure proper assessment is required, need to guide about the results of procedure properly.

What is the cost of hair transplantation in Chennai?
Cost of hair transplantation varies from person to person based on the grade of baldness, amount of hairs need to be transplanted. Please walk into the clinic to get quotation for hair transplantation.

Here is hairline international the best hair transplantation clinic in Chennai would be happy to provide you the proof for results of every treatment. Please check our gallery for before after images of hair transplantation, visit our video testimonials page of video review. If you like to talk to any of our client, it’s our privilege to help you with that.

Low Cost Hair Transplant in Chennai:

Hair transplantation starts from 35,000 for FUE method but the final cost depends on the stages of baldness and number of follicles required to transplant and quality of donor area. Per graft cost varies from 20 rupees to 150 rupees depends on the donor area. Hairline is offering different hair transplant packages with the combination of PRP, SMP, Hair fixing. If you want to have a quotation for the hair transplantation you can share us images through what’s app or visit the branch and get consultation by the doctor. Hairline is offering interest free EMI option for hair treatments in Chennai.

Are you looking for the low cost hair transplantation in Chennai?  We are the best option for it. Hairline is offering hair transplant by best hair transplant surgeons at very reasonable prices. Get the free quote by calling us @ 9148874972.