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It is a surgical technique that involves the extraction of hair follicles from the donor site and placement on the recipient site (which is the bald area) done under a local anesthetic. Hairline international is one of the best hair transplant clinics in south India and awarded as Best Hair Transplant & Aesthetic clinic in South India by Times Business awards Bengaluru 2018.


A mega-session completes the entire procedure – harvest of hair follicles from the donor site at the back of the patient’s scalp and placement of the harvested follicles in the recipient site on the scalp- in a single session lasting several hours. Multiple sessions may be a better choice for some patients, based on the patient’s comfort level, factoring in medical conditions as well.

The technique of doing a hair transplant is mentioned below:

FUT Hair Transplantation in Bangalore

In this method, a strip of skin is taken from the posterior part of the scalp, in an area of good hair growth. This is then taken and harvested in a Petri dish containing normal saline and the grafts are separated. The recipient area is dermabraded and the grafts are inserted into the recipient area. The patient is advised to come back after 2 weeks for suture removal. The angles of the hair growth are noted and small incisions at a time are given in these directions, gentle sharp dissection is done to ensure near 100% grafts survival on both sides. This allows a greater number of graft harvests, and preservation of grafts on the donor area, allowing a virtually invisible scar.

Less expensive; requires fewer sessions, more follicular units, do not get buried grafts with strip grafting.

FUE Hair Transplantation in Bangalore

In this method individual Follicular Units containing 1 - 4 hairs are removed under local anesthesia using a special tool to extract the follicular. There is no incision on the back of the scalp. Similar to FUt the separated follicular units are placed at the recipient area after dermabrading the recipient area of the scalp.

Suitable for both men and women; treating hair loss of any cause and all areas of skin (beard, eyebrow, eyelashes), etc.

Key Areas Suitable For FUE
Frontal hair line designing/frontal baldness besides eyelash and eyebrow transplant FUE is the preferred technique as these grafts are thinner than the ones extracted from strip method, hence more number of follicles per graft can be placed giving a near-natural density. Best results can be achieved if we combine FUE and FUT in one session using FUE for the frontal part of the scalp and FUT for the rest of the scalp. The outcome of this combination technique results in a very natural hair line design with appropriate density in the front and a higher coverage for the rest of the scalp. Besides, in the above-mentioned technique, we can also do long hair transplant so that the person can see the effect of a full growth before the hair fall out and new ones begin to grow.

Difference between the two transplant methods FUT & FUE lies in the way the follicle units are extracted. In a FUT method, the strip technique is used, by which a strip of the scalp with hairs on it is taken from the back of the head, with its hair follicles subsequently being extracted. In an FUE method, individual follicular units are extracted directly from the scalp. In a FUT method will leave a narrow linear scar on the back of the head, all that can be seen after an FUE are micro-scars looking like little dots. Healing after FUE is faster than after FUT and generally free of pain. FUE is best for patients wanting to avoid a linear scar at all costs, and for younger patients only requiring minor treatment when compared to FUT.

Robotic hair transplant in Bangalore, Mumbai By Hairline International clinic:

Robotic hair transplant is the advancement of a FUE hair transplant. In this procedure, the doctor will assist the robot in performing the procedure.

What are the advantages of a robotic hair transplant?

  • Robotic hair transplant machine allows harvesting hair grafts at a faster phase where the surgeon can't do.
  • There won’t be any scars, stitches involved with the robotic hair transplant.
  • Robotic hair transplantation results in a higher survival rate while harvesting as well as hair regrowth.
  • Image-guided technology in robotic hair transplant helps in maintain follicle harvesting accuracy.
  • Robotic hair transplant offers speed recovery time as compared to human done hair transplantation

Cost of Hair Transplant in Bangalore:

Cost of hair transplant normally depends on three things

1.      Number follicles required to transplant

2.      Hair transplant technique FUT/FUE/Robotic hair transplant

3.      Donor area

Per graft hair transplant varies from 20 rupees to 150 rupees depends on the Donor area and technique. Hair International is offering a set of packages for hair transplant in combination with PRP treatment, SMP, Hair fixing.

Please visit your nearest Hairline clinic Branch to get consulted by senior hair transplant surgeon in Bangalore, Mumbai to get the quotation for hair transplantation. In case not able to visit the branch please what's app us the images to @ 9148874972 for an approximate cost of hair transplant. Hairline International is offering an Interest-free funding option for all hair treatment. Hairline international is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Bangalore and Mumbai offering hair transplant at a reasonable cost with a high success rate.

What could be the side effects of  Hair transplant

Hair transplantation is a clinically approved procedure for hair regrowth. There won’t be any life-altering side effects with hair transplantation unless the doctor ignores to go through the medical history of the patient. We as expertise in hair transplantation asks the patients to go through a set of pre-defined tests before the hair transplantation.

Here is some minor body reaction after the hair transplantation.

·         There will be a minimal pain lasts for a day.

·         Rarely there will be a mild swelling for 1 to 2 days.

·         Hair thinning happens in the initial days of hair transplant, but hair will regrow in 3 to 6 months

·         Some patients will not feel the sensation around the transplanted area for a while.

The Client sharing his experience about hair transplant in Bangalore By Hairline International:

Hi, my name is Srinivas Prasad and I went through hair transplantation at hairline international Bangalore. It’s been a year since I went through hair transplant and the results of hair transplantation are amazing can see in the images/videos. I never really thought that I would have a head full of hair ever in my life because I have lost so much hair and I was loosing 200-300 stands a day which I couldn’t make out. I found hairline international in facebook and spoke to the doctor here they said the only thing I could help in getting a head full of hair is hair transplant. By looking at results of hair transplant by hairline in my boss scenario I decided to undergo hair transplant and seen amazing results.

For video testimonial of this client click:


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