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Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic now launches the first of its Mobile Trichology Units called the Home Hair Clinic, that will bring choice services from the leading brand in hair and skin care and its medical management to the comfort of your home. These vans will offer consultation services across the board for hair and skin as well as offer specific treatment options as well.

Speaking on the launch of this initiative, Dr. BaniAnand, Founder and Managing Director, Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic said, “Given the pace of life and the atrocious amount of time spent in traffic, we understand the need for patients to want trichology and skin consultation as well as available therapies in the comfort of their home. This is also a service that can be helpful to cancer patients as well as those who are conscious of the way they look and would prefer to have their consultations privately”.

Elaborating on the initiative, Dr. Premalatha, Dermatosurgeon, Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic says, “The mobile consulting team will comprisea dermatologist, nurse and a technician. Among the services offered will be laser treatment for hair loss management and derma roller treatment for hair loss management. Besides this, measurement, making and fixing of hair toupee, synthetic and human hair wigswill be undertaken. The vans will also be equipped to deliver as well as fix cooling caps for hair retention among cancer patients. Hair extension deliveries and fixing will also be undertaken”.

Hairline International has currently launched one well-equipped van that will cater to clients across Bangalore city. Appointments with the mobile consulting team will have to be made telephonically – through a dedicated number and contact person, the details on both of which are available on the Hairline website. The van will arrive at the client’s doorstep at the scheduled time and offer all the services that it is equipped for. Follow-ups may be scheduled at a Hairline International centre closest to the patient.

For more details / To book Home Consultation

Call us: 080-40937771

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About Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic

Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic has carved an indelible name for itself in the field of Trichology and Skin care and its medical management. Under the stewardship of its Founder and Managing director, Ms. BaniAnand, Hairline International grew from non-surgical competencies to surgical treatment options and today is making in-roads in regenerative medicine as well.

Spread over 7 clinics in Bangalore, with a research centre, pathology lab and a stem cell lab in the making, Hairline International believes in creating a strong foundation with medical professionals in varying fields of diabetology, gastroenterology, gynecology, trichology and dermato-surgery as well as cosmetic surgery – drawn from multiple specialties but all working towards a scientific and technologically advanced means of hair and skin care management.

Looking ahead Hairline International will surge forward in the fields of research to support the development of newer treatment techniques. It will lay emphasis on international collaborations, as it does now, to further knowledge and expertise exchange. It will grow from strength to strength across multiple spectrums in the field of Trichology and Skin care to become the undisputed leader in the field.



Skin DNA Test in Bangalore

A Skin DNA test is vital in the precautionary cure and care for your skin, empowering enhanced control of the ageing process by looking at your exclusive, genetic makeup. The Skin DNA test we recommend is the most latest and pioneering DNA test on hand and should form the basis of your skin treatment and care – since not everyone’s skin is similar. This test is technically tested to aid in skin treatment and in adjusting your skin care in a way that it balances your DNA and enhances the look of your skin. This said, the ageing procedure cannot be halted although it could be slowed down. Factors we have organize over, such as contact to the sun, diet and way of life will add significantly to the way we age as will skin care. Other factors, which also add to ageing, namely gravity and time, cannot be restricted.

Hair DNA Test in Bangalore

Hair DNA test is a procedure to detecting the exact reason which is triggering the hair loss. DNA hair examination can be complete to help recognize a prohibited activity by evaluating hair structure and DNA from cells close to the root of the hair. As everybody has their own requirements, it is also essential to know which medicine will work on an individual to fight the hair loss issue. The main purposes of the revolutionary Hair DNA Testing is to find the exact cause behind the male or female pattern baldness, this procedure is also helpful enough for estimating the hair loss severity from the very beginning. We can use samples like hair, blood, saliva, and semen for the test.DNA is collected from the samples, and will assessed through advance procedure.


Hair and skin DNA testing is about taking away the guesswork from treatment packages, “Hair DNA analyses genes associated with hair follicular stress, inflammation and growth factor. It also analyses the patients’ genotype and its association with various health conditions like hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Skin DNA examines 16 genetic markers across five categories associated with skin ageing. Not every skincare product is going to suit everyone and so your DNA results are used to scientifically create a personalized regime tailored specifically for you.


With Hair DNA Test you will come to know pre-empt baldness [At what age you become bald] and also you will come to know whether you respond to Drugs like Minoxidil and Finasteride.

Tricho Pigmentation is the contemporary treatment for hair loss, less hair and baldness. The tricho pigmentation can be inexpensive alternative to hair transplantation. In this novel method tiny dots or short hair are pigmented on the scalp. Thus an optical hair compaction is generated. Bald, hair loss spots or thinning hair on the head are common reason for the weak self esteem for men and women. A tricho pigmentation can create a new sense of life.

The main purpose of the procedure Tricho pigmentation is to rectify the problem of baldness in both men & women. This procedure can also be applied to scar tissue, some areas without hair or bring a more uniform look to alopecia sufferers. It is a fantastic alternative to using a wig or hair piece or hair transplantation.

The procedure itself stimulates the look of natural hair growth, can cover scar and focal or diffuse alopecia. Effect of the procedure lasts for 1-3 years will most definitely increase the confidence of each patient who receives this treatment.

Areas of Application:

  • After accident & Scars
  • With hair loss (Alopecia).
  • Intermittent hair loss (receding hairline).
  • Heredity hair loss (baldness)
  • Supportive with hair transplants
  • For hair loss caused by disease (chemotherapy)

The color is perfectly matched and aligned to the ideal image. The overall picture appears more harmonious, the hair appears thicker and still natural. 










Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is on the front line of regenerative treatments. The PRP procedure of utilizing your body's own particular platelets (found in your blood), concentrate the platelets to up to 10 times baseline and injecting these platelets into the area that needs recovery.















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