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Along with the normal Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), other substances are added to the PRP solution to enhance the results.

What are the advantages of augmented PRP compared to standard PRP?
Augmented PRP causes more proliferation of dermal fibroblasts which causes more production of growth factors in male & female pattern baldness.

Which patients do you recommend for this procedure?
All patients with hair fall due to any cause, baldness in males & baldness in females (patterned hair loss) and patchy hair loss (alopecia areata).

Does this procedure increase the hair density and stop the hair fall?
Yes, augmented PRP causes significant stimulation of the hair follicles which leads to increased proliferation of collagen fibers and causes increased hair density compared to standard PRP which subsequently stop the hair fall.

How many sessions of augmented PRP are required?
Three to four sessions are required at an interval of four weeks.

When can I see visible improvement in my hair density?
After six weeks one can see visible improvement in hair density and increase in hair growth.


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